Theatre Backcloth Hire from Scenery Solutions

Choose from over 1300 cloths in our “backcloth hire” section. These have been grouped together in easily searchable pages outlined below. However, if you know the details of what you are looking for why not use the search facility to locate available cloths by reference number or area of interest.

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Palaces, Ballrooms & Halls

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Buildings – Interior

backcloth hire_4

Caves & Tunnels

backcloth hire_5

Churches & Cathedrals

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Fairgrounds & Circus

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Farms & Farmland

backcloth hire_9

Formal Gardens & Parks

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Mountains & Hills

backcloth hire_12

Seascapes, Ships & Harbours

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Skies & Skylines

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Streets, Villages, Towns & Cities

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Theatres & Studios

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Woodlands & Forests

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Stars and Stripes